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Valuable Exits Reinforce Growing Industry

Since 2015, the HealthTech industry has become one of the fastest-growing segments within healthcare. In fact, an SVB analysis finds that the number of private, venture-backed HealthTech financings has grown by 25% over that period, with SVB working with roughly 40% of combined US and European companies.

In this inaugural report, we introduce the primary sectors and respective subsectors to measure their investment and exit activity. These sectors were derived by analyzing the problems around wasteful healthcare spending and then grouping companies based on their tech-enabled solutions to solve those problems.

Overall, the outlook for healthtech is promising. The industry’s robust growth has facilitated more than $27 billion in invested capital for private companies, 14 of which have valuations exceeding $1 billion. And 2019 has already surpassed 2018 with a record $8 billion in total exit value, driven largely by strong IPOs.


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