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Establishing, Navigating and Maintaining LP Relationships

What LP Engagement Means for Emerging Managers

In the words of Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson, if founders are a venture capital (VC) investor’s customers, then limited partners (LPs) are the shareholders. Strong LP engagement can provide the bedrock for successful and enduring venture firms.

But what does LP engagement really mean for an emerging manager?

We answer that question by covering LP engagement over the full firm lifecycle in the following four parts:

  • Component 1 details the different types of LPs, including their typical check sizes and time to close
  • Component 2 offers tips on determining the right mix of LPs for your firm
  • Component 3 explores how to interact with prospective LPs throughout an active fundraise for your first fund
  • Component 4 breaks down LPs’ expectations once you’ve secured funding and as you deploy capital
Read The First Component:

Getting to know the LP landscape
An overview of various types of limited partners, along with their typical approaches and goals.

Learn More

Getting to know the LP landscape

Component 1 of 4
An overview of various types of limited partners, along with their typical approaches and goals. Getting to know the LP landscape

Determining the right mix of LPs

Component 2 of 4
Factors to consider as you begin fundraising. Learn more

Navigating LP relationships

Component 3 of 4
Considerations as you begin to meet with limited partners. Learn more

Maintaining LP relationships

Component 4 of 4
Best practices for engaging with LPs throughout the fund cycle. Learn more

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