Webinar: Fraud Prevention Begins with a Comprehensive Plan (On Demand)

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Protecting your business against fraud begins with understanding the risks and threats affecting every aspect of your company's operations. From there, you can develop a comprehensive fraud prevention plan that minimizes theft and reputational risk.

In our recent webinar, our expert panel outlines the latest threats and primary risk areas facing SVB clients and offers best practices for keeping your company secure.

Listen as our experts cover the following topics:

  • Mapping out the latest threats and trends affecting the industry
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in your company — and actionable steps to secure them
  • Ensuring compliance in the plan implementation process

Featured Speakers

  • Michelle McKay, Managing Director Global Treasury & Payments
  • Eddie Contreras, Senior Director of Fraud Prevention
  • Phillip Rogers, Director of Digital Channels

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About the Author

Michelle is a managing director specializing in global treasury and payments for Silicon Valley innovators, enterprises, and investors. She leads a team that is responsible for advising clients on a range of domestic and international solutions to include payments, collections, information reporting and global account structures. For the past 15 years she has delivered innovative solutions and advice that support her clients’ global treasury needs.

Her commercial banking experience includes relationship building, client support, and product sales for the technology segment. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from University of the Philippines and holds the Association for Financial Professionals' Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation. She currently serves as volunteer Board Treasurer for her community's philanthropic foundation.