Key Takeaways

  • 2020 produced record fundraising totals. Megafunds and emerging managers with strong preexisting relationships dominated.
  • Smaller funds generally have demonstrated strong value creation, which has attracted the attention of limited partners.
  • To stand out in a crowded space, EMs need to lead with specificity in their area of expertise, their network and their brand.

Watch a webinar presented by SVB, featuring a panel of experts who reflect on venture capital in 2020, discuss the factors shaping 2021 and offer emerging general partners advice on building successful funds.

The panel, which was moderated by Jim Marshall, head of SVB’s emerging manager practice, featured the following speakers:
  • Lindel Eakman, partner at Foundry Group
  • Michael Kim, founder of Cendana Capital
  • Joanna Rupp, managing director of private equity at the University of Chicago

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