Business Cards

Virtual Cards

Make card payments with greater security, using a randomly generated 16-digit number for every transaction.

Use multiple platform capabilities to make payments simpler

Virtual cards can be an excellent tool that gives your suppliers payment certainty, whilst you can utilise a secure payment method that gives you additional working capital.

Application Program Interface (API)

  • Enables real-time generation of virtual card numbers through a direct integration, leveraging internal systems and processes.
  • Ideal for high-volume payments, a fragmented payee base or niche spending.
  • Developer-friendly interface with highly configurable capabilities.


  • Generate specific payment control reports on authorisations, cleared transactions and virtual card status.
  • Build user defined exports to support cost allocation and integration in to your internal systems. 
  • Use reports to analyse supplier spend and review your own spend controls.

Accounts Payable Batch File

  • Request a VCN for invoice payments through a batch file from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-procurement or other financial system.
  • Replaces existing accounts payable payment runs while maintaining the existing approval processes.
  • Ideal for high-volume accounts payable operations.

Why use virtual cards with SVB?


Helps reduce risk

Transaction level authorisation allows you to designate how, where and when virtual card numbers are used.

Control and visibility

The assignment of a unique account number to each payment provides simpler reconciliation, data analysis and reporting.

Cash flow management

Up to 56 days between payment and card billing statement.

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