State of SaaS

H1 2022 Perspectives on the trends impacting the SaaS ecosystem

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Key takeaways

Investment deals and dollars increased within the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector in 2021. The report highlights the latest trends for the innovation economy. Here are three takeaways from the report:


Spending on cloud computing and cybersecurity accelerates

With nearly half of US workers still working remote, spending continues to increase on cloud computing as well as cybersecurity to protect against an exponentially growing number of cyberattacks.


Monstrous year for investment in SaaS companies

Driven by factors such as wider acceptance of remote due diligence and heightened competition, US SaaS VC investment reached $90 billion spread over 3,901 deals in 2021.


Valuations soften for late-stage companies

After a spike last year, late-stage valuations have started to plateau as investment firms pivot toward tech stocks and early-stage startups.