Omnichannel retail is a strategic focus as US online sales reached over $200B in 2021

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Key takeaways

The Future of Retail highlights the most significant trends facing retail today. Investments are up, and we are seeing strategic M&A partnerships that are changing the way consumers interact with brands. Here are three takeaways from the report.


US online sales reached over $200B

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers quickly shifted to adopt digital strategies as a growing proportion of consumer purchases occur online.


The acceleration of omnichannel

With the merging of virtual and physical worlds, plus uncertainty around the future of ads, companies redefined the extent of omnichannel practices with help from partnerships and acquisitions.


Commerce in demand

Notable Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs) went public in 2021, valued at over $11B in total. M&A activity, for both DNVB and e-commerce deals, was strong.