• Treasury Management

  • SVB supports financial leaders with tools and strategies to minimize risk and make the most of opportunities.

    SVB's integrated banking platform makes it easy to execute transactions and access information quickly, helping clients worldwide to automate and integrate global payments and receipts, accelerate cash flow, streamline processes and make faster, more informed treasury management decisions. Our expert advisors work with you to structure tailored solutions that:

    • Facilitate and accelerate your payments and collections, securely, around the world
    • Manage and view global account balances via a single online platform
    • Provide clear and timely reporting
    • Manage your currency exposures
    • Take advantage of global investment opportunities

    Managing Risk & Exploring Opportunities


    In today's stormy financial environment, company leaders must carefully balance the need to manage risk with the need to explore new strategies and investments that will pay off for the company.

    It's a juggling act — one that requires efficient working capital and a focus on integrated financial strategies. Whether you're looking to shorten your cash conversion cycle, maximize the value of your idle cash, minimize the risks of doing business abroad, or streamline treasury operations, Silicon Valley Bank can help.

    Contact us to see how SVB's expert advisors can design a portfolio of treasury management solutions that help you manage risk and leverage opportunity.

    Solutions for Treasury Management


    • Receivables

      Consolidate and collect funds efficiently.
    • Payments

      Manage your daily cash position accurately and effectively.
    • Deposits

      Manage your daily cash balances and access your funds easily.
    • Fraud Prevention

      Better understand, manage, and mitigate the risks of electronic banking and financial services fraud.
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