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Every day, innovative businesses strive to bring about the next big thing. From Battery Park to Westchester and across the Tri-state area, we help companies and their investors invent the future. Nobody understands innovation in New York like Silicon Valley Bank.

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  • Kathryn Minshew - L3a

    Kathryn Minshew

    CEO and Founder, The Muse

    "The relationships you build as an entrepreneur can be one of the best safeguards against making unnecessary mistakes."

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  • Frida Polli  - L3b

    Frida Polli

    Co-Founder and CEO of Pymetrics

    "You don’t think of banks as being the friendliest and most accommodating of institutions. SVB definitely breaks the mold on that one."

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  • Irving Fain slider image

    Irving Fain

    CEO & Founder, Bowery Farming

    "We're not only growing a product that is of the highest quality but we're building a brand that's about trust and transparency..."

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  • Shan-Lyn Ma slider image

    Shan-Lyn Ma

    CEO & Founder, Zola

    "One of the most important things within any startup is finding product market fit."

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US entrepreneurs are confident about 2019, focusing on raising capital and hiring, but uncertainty is adding to challenges. Access to capital for many companies has been improving in the past two years. 

SVB’s second quarter report covers an innovation economy reaching new heights with increased participation from both traditional and emerging investors.

Last year saw new records for venture fundraising and investment in life science and healthcare. Download our annual report to read our analysis plus our outlook for 2019.
The SVB Asset Management Economic Report is a quarterly review and outlook on economic and market factors that impact global markets and business health. Our Q4 edition discusses how the U.S. economy continues to impress, global economies' growth and what could slow their economic activity, while looking ahead with continued focus on core fundamentals. 
In this 18th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, Rob McMillan finds that while business once again had record sales, the growth rate is slowing and total volumes are trending into negative territory. He also offers perspectives on how the industry may recover growth rates by changing sales and marketing tactics.
In the latest edition, SVB CEO Greg Becker discusses the outlook for the VC ecosystem and how innovation companies can prepare for global volatility. Also, Bob Blee, Head of Corporate Finance, writes about the trends that may affect the 2019 IPO market.