SVB Virtual Cards

Facilitate flexible and secure digital payments for your business's travel, entertainment, purchasing and procurement needs.

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Leverage virtual cards for your business needs

A virtual card is a unique, randomly generated 16-digit number for each transaction.

Accounts payable

Pay invoices and purchase orders with virtual cards fast and securely.
  • Improve accounts payable process efficiencies

  • Optimize working capital

  • Expedite supplier payments

  • Monetize your accounts payable spend


On-demand payments

Pay for the ad-hoc one-time purchases or recurring subscription services using virtual cards securely.
  • Control spending with pre-spend controls and approval workflows

  • Make secure online payments for purchases and subscriptions

  • Avoid issuing physical plastic cards for every employee

  • Gain visibility into company spending


Travel and expenses

Set spending limits for tighter control on travel and expenses.
  • Use virtual cards to book travel

  • Set spending limits for specific trips

  • Employ tighter control over travel expenses

  • Gain visibility into T&E spend

Discover the benefits of SVB virtual cards to you and your business

The benefits of virtual cards are enhanced control and transaction security for your business.

Improved control, compliance and security

Transaction and authorization controls that designate how, when and where virtual cards are used.

Intuitive reconciliation and reporting

Real-time data capture allows automated reconciliation on virtual card payments and simplified reporting.

Widely accepted

Use SVB virtual cards at any merchant (or supplier) that accepts Mastercard across the globe.

Optimize cash flow

Optimize cash flow by paying with a virtual card versus wire, ACH or check, letting you preserve working capital.

What to look for in a virtual cards program

The SVB virtual card program provides you with several key features that streamline and simplify your digital payments.

Web-based application

Request and manage virtual cards via an easy-to-use web portal from any device.
  • Intuitive online application that does not require system integration

  • Enables authorized users to easily generate virtual cards for purchase requests

  • Ideal for on-demand purchasing, travel and accounts payables needs


Accounts payable batch file

Automate your accounts payables processes through a batch file process.
  • Integrates directly into your ERP system to generate AP file

  • Automated transaction reconciliation by linking invoices to virtual card payments

  • Provides increased visibility into payment disbursements

  • Ideal for automating end-to-end accounts payables process



Leverage all virtual card features through a scalable and reliable API.
  • Developer-friendly interface with highly configurable capabilities

  • Enables real-time generation of virtual cards at scale

  • Ideal for high-volume, high-frequency payments

Get a single, real-time account view

The SVB virtual card program works together with SVB Online Banking’s dashboard to let you centrally manage all your business’s banking needs for improved visibility into your company’s accounts and transactions.
svb vcn module
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Program features

Accelerate reconciliation with SVB Virtual Card features, including:

• Instantly generate unique single-use or multi-use virtual cards on-demand 24 hours a day, 356 days a year 

• Define control parameters specific to the intended/approved card use to    increase transaction security and prevent misuse

• Optional pre-spend controls like approval routing on virtual card requests

• Automated reconciliation between Invoices/POs and virtual card transactions to simplify accounting processes

• Make virtual card payments globally in multiple currencies

• Integrates easily into spend management solutions like Coupa, Teampay, Airbase and more

Give your company the transparency and security of virtual cards


To learn more about how SVB virtual cards can help you manage balances, transactions, and more, contact your relationship manager or click the link below. Already an SVB client*? Get Started. Interested in an SVB card and not a client?

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