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Capital Strategies and Solutions

Capital Solutions to Help Build Enterprise Value and Sustain Healthy Growth

Growth Capital and Working Capital

Consider flexible lending to meet short-term operating costs or secure capital to make your growth strategy a reality.

Recapitalization and Acquisition Financing

Access a range of financing options for your next significant capital event, whether it’s a buyout, share repurchase, new corporate structure, acquisition or exit.


Finance your strategic initiatives with SVB, the market leader in middle-market syndicated financings for innovation companies. We know how to position your company effectively to a broad range of investors.

Subordinated Debt

Augment your senior debt, with potential cost savings relative to equity financing.

SVB Capital

Secure a direct equity investment in your firm from SVB Capital’s fund of funds.

Founder Liquidity

Access liquidity from your concentrated stock holdings with both debt and equity solutions offered through SVB Private Bank.

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