Looking toward the future: 2045

SVB is a catalyst for the innovators of today, and a catalyst for the innovators of the future who will represent an increasingly diverse and expansive audience. The US population is projected to be minority white by 2045. As SVB continues to fuel the innovation economy, we are embedding our efforts to diversify the innovation economy on the front lines of the business: as Catalyst 2045.

Taking an active role as an agent of change for women, Black and Latinx individuals – creating new connections and providing guidance to move toward 2045.


How we take action

Connect diverse groups to SVB’s vast network within the innovation economy.
Unlock greater access to capital, professional relationships and career opportunities.

Access our analytics and insights on the latest trends.

Connect with us.

Today’s minority will be tomorrow’s majority. Drawing on decades of experience in the innovation economy, we unlock the potential of emerging segments to shift the landscape at large. We use our expertise and connections across the innovation ecosystem to set others up for success.

We recognize that female-identifying, Black, and Latinx founders and funders are already delivering excellence. See how we can provide additional resources to support you in reaching your highest potential.

We're ready to partner with you.