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State of the Markets Q1 2018

State of the Markets Report 2018
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Both old and new trends are shaping 2018

Going into 2018, the forces shaping the innovation economy appear part old school and part brave new world.

We see a continuation of attractive macro conditions, prospects for robust growth, and constructive equity markets in the United States and across global developed and emerging markets. Investors are still awash in capital, and many late-stage start-ups are looking to take advantage of an “old school” IPO window that’s wide open. Several notable public offerings are in the queue for 2018 representing all corners of the globe.

On the other hand, there is ample evidence that the capital markets are not operating in the same staid fashion. In this brave new world, top-tier unicorns can access private capital to provide shareholder liquidity. We also see corporate behemoths crowding into the innovation economy and flexing their research and acquisition muscles. Other notable trends confirm that we are in an era headlined by all things artificial intelligence and machine learning. Of course competition for human capital remains fierce, prompting some to consider drifting away from established tech hubs.

These crosscurrents between old and new are intriguing. As always, we thrive on digging into the details and analyzing the data to keep you informed of the changing dynamics.

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