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Dedicated experts to support your growth


Our client centric model is designed to create deep relationships and fast, flexible solutions.

Emily Rose Headshot
Emily Rose
Managing Director, Global Fund Banking
Emily leads Relationship Management within the team and is responsible for new client origination across the UK and Europe.
Mirza Mulic Headshot
Mirza Mulic
Relationship Director
As a Relationship Director, Mirza is responsible for client origination and providing bespoke fund-level debt solutions across EMEA
Jen Whelan Headshot
Jen Whelan
Jen Whelan is a Director in the Global Fund Banking team based in London and is responsible for structuring and delivering solutions to Private Equity and Venture Capital clients.
Aleksandra Cison Headshot
Aleksandra Cison
Aleksandra Cison is a Relationship Director for the Global Fund Banking team. She is responsible for client origination and delivering bespoke solutions for clients in the UK and Europe.
Ryan Phayer Headshot
Ryan Phayer
Ryan is a Director in the Global Fund Banking team responsible for structuring and delivering financing solutions for private equity and venture capital clients.

Banking Services and connections to help support your business goals

The banking, tools and access to help you accelerate growth.

Capital Lines of Credit

Individually tailored revolving facility to bridge and aggregate capital calls.
Key Benefits:

Operational flexibility
  • Quick access to capital to fund investments

Deep functionality
  • Blend of committed and flexible components, meeting individual swings in capital demand

  • Single advance rate against all limited partners

NAV Facilities

Additional capital for value creation once undrawn commitments decrease.
Key Benefits:

Operational flexibility
  • The facility can be structured as a revolving credit or a term loan

Deep functionality
  • Up to 2 year draw period and recycling window

  • Lean covenant structure

GP Co-Investment Facilities

Providing liquidity to managers to expand their co-investment community or where succession planning is taking place.
Key Benefits:

Operational flexibility
  • Bespoke co-investment solutions for partners and employees, no personal recourse

Deep functionality
  • Interest only period, followed by an amortisation period, thereby mirroring cashflow streams to repay the facility

  • Repayment is driven by share of proceeds from distributions (equivalent to % contributed by SVB in relation to total GP commitments)

Fund Guaranteed Loans

Provide the fund’s PortCos with access to capital in lieu of debt at PortCo level.
Key Benefits:

Operational flexibility
  • Bridge to alternative financing option or pending liquidity event. Cash recapture from both sources.

Deep functionality
  • Replace, reduce or revise equity or debt capital for investments which are in transition

  • Up to 70% of Enterprise Value of Portfolio Company, guaranteed by fund, with resource to Remaining Callable Capital as part of Capital Call Line of Credit

How we’ve helped leading managers seize opportunity

Clients come to us because we pride ourselves on being creative problem-solvers. Here’s a look at how we helped them achieve success.


The industry’s largest and most experienced GFB team means we can take time to understand your business, and have the expertise to advise confidently.



This size and structure means you have direct access to decision makers so we can tailor specifically to your needs in ways others in the industry may not.


All this, plus our ‘Right now’ philosophy means we move quickly and with assurance, so you can act on decisions and seize the opportunities in a fast-moving market.


SVB believes in patient support through highs and lows. With depth of experience & breadth of perspective, we see the big picture.

Providing valuable insights and connections to our community

We consider ourselves part of the communities we serve, providing insight and regular events that prove popular with our attendees.

Sector focused events

Sector focused events such as Venture Capital roundtable.

FX update event

Provides insight into foreign exchange markets.

Diversity in focus

Join the Women in funds dinner series.

Annual celebrations

Celebrating success with our clients.

Leading thinking

Providing valuable insights to our community. History shows market volatility brings opportunity – when guided by deep expertise and partnerships built on shared goals.

GFB outlook report

Our GFB report highlights where the opportunities are.

Scale up insights

Read advice from fellow founders, VCs, and advisors throughout our network.


Participate in exclusive webinars designed to support you with key insights and information.

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Subsidiary of Silicon Valley Bank: London (Silicon Valley Bank UK Limited).
Business development offices: Shanghai, Beijing, Dublin, Vancouver and Montreal.
Representative offices: Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Stockholm and Tel Aviv.
Lending branches: Frankfurt and Toronto.
SVB's joint venture bank, SPD Silicon Valley Bank: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou

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