State of the Wine Industry Report 2023

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Key takeaways

While the premium wine business showed continued success in 2022, overall wine consumption showed a second year of negative growth. Future sales weigh on the industry’s ability to appeal to a new generation of consumers.


The consumers older than 60 are the only growth segments

Consumers younger than 60 have a lower share of wine consumption compared to what they did in 2007. Consumers older than 60 are the population bands where there is still growth.


Premiumization trend slows

While older consumers are paying more for premium wine, younger buyers are increasingly less engaged with the wine category.


More consumers are abstaining from wine

35% of 21–29-year-old consumers drink alcohol, but not wine. That number drops 7 percentage points to 28% for individuals 50–59 years old. Of those consumers who left that group, two percentage points moved to being at least marginal wine consumers. Meanwhile, five percent are now abstaining from drinking alcohol.