Google Maps and the iPhone helped turn global positioning system (GPS) data into the foundation of the trillion-dollar industry that spawned Uber, Yelp and Snap. Smart investors should watch the companies that are now bridging a similar gap between new space hardware and tomorrow’s killer apps.

This new report from Space Capital and SVB focuses on three critical space-based technologies: next-generation GPS, geospatial intelligence and space-based communications; it provides a detailed analysis of these next-gen technologies and the vast economic potential they offer. GPS technology has laid the groundwork for the next generation of applications, including augmented reality, with the potential to generate $1.2 trillion in equity over the next decade. The report includes a useful historical analysis of GPS commercialization, offering a model for investors to better understand how space-based technology provides a platform for innovation on a global scale.


Space Capital is an early stage venture capital firm investing in the Space economy, specifically focused on unlocking the value in Space technology stacks such as GPS, Geospatial Intelligence, and Communications. We are actively investing out of our second fund and manage over $35 million in assets. We are recognized thought leaders providing industry-leading market intelligence on Space investment, startup activity, career and hiring trends.

The GPS Playbook 

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