• State of the Markets Report

    The Good Times Roll, Even as Risks Rise

    The bull market powers on, and money continues to flow into the innovation economy. At the same time, we are seeing a reemergence of volatility and a bevy of new risks — including tighter monetary policy and the specter of a trade war — but it’s still status quo for now in the capital markets.

    Despite market turbulence, the first quarter of 2018 ushered in several high-profile IPOs, and consumer- and enterprise businesses are finding success as public entities. Furthermore, companies reluctant to go down the IPO route found alternative paths. After years of successful fundraising, the world remains awash in capital, and sovereign wealth funds appear poised for even greater contributions. All of these factors are expected to provide further tailwinds for the tech sector.

    This remains an exciting time for tech around the globe, with some caveats. Innovation companies thrive on open markets, and rich valuations could be undermined by strained geopolitics, wavering consumer confidence and a releveling of investors’ portfolio mix as interest rates rise. While the good times roll, economic cycles don’t last forever, and the trends don’t always point upward. For the moment, however, it’s game on.

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    State of the Markets Report 2018

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