Image of the words 10 years of Startup Outlook SVB is pleased to present the 10th edition of our annual Startup Outlook Report, focusing on the innovation economies of
the US, the UK, China and Canada.

When we launched Startup Outlook a decade ago, our goal was to provide a forum for entrepreneurs to share their outlook — in order
to help startups, policymakers and the public understand innovation’s contribution to the US economy. Since then, we’ve added reports covering the UK and China, and this year we introduce the inaugural Canada Startup Outlook.

Our goal is unchanged: to report the views of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs. In the 2019 Startup Outlook, read how technology and life science founders and executives in the US, the UK, China and Canada are planning for growth amid economic uncertainty. They tell us they are generally optimistic about opportunities to fund their businesses, expand their workforces and continue innovating while recognizing marketplace and political challenges.

Image of a San Francisco cityscape.

US entrepreneurs are confident about 2019 business conditions. They are focusing on raising capital and hiring, but uncertainty is adding to challenges. Access to capital for many companies has been improving in the past two years.

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Image of a China cityscape.

Entrepreneurs in China are optimistic about business conditions ahead. But there is uncertainty around the availability of startup capital and how China-US trade policy may impact their businesses.

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Image of a Canada cityscape.

Entrepreneurs in Canada are positive about the future. They are planning to raise capital and expand their workforces while recognizing the challenges of accessing funds and finding talent.

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About the Survey

Learn more about the executives in our survey and the businesses they lead.