Trent Gordon

Trent Gordon is a senior liquidity advisor based in San Francisco. He and his colleagues lead the client relationship and business development strategy that positions SVB’s liquidity products and investment management capabilities to meet the ever-evolving demands of the bank’s corporate cash management clients. In this role, he identifies the products and services that can best help satisfy clients’ cash and liquidity management needs, which span across banking and investment management platforms for early- to late-stage enterprises. He and his team are focused on building and strengthening relationships with clients and helping clients preserve capital, satisfy liquidity needs and optimize return so clients can concentrate on their core business.

He enjoys having a role in his clients’ successes as a trusted partner and says the best part of his job is “seeing the future of our society through the ingenuity of our clients.”

Trent’s decade-plus experience in corporate finance includes advising entrepreneurs and growth companies as well as venture capital and private equity fund firms in many capacities. Prior to joining SVB in 2015, Trent gained an understanding of the priorities, challenges and needs of startups by working as an entrepreneur himself: He was the CEO of Surf for Life, a nonprofit social enterprise devoted to providing access to healthcare and education in at-risk rural villages internationally. He holds a bachelor’s degree in global and international studies with an emphasis on the Middle East from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Trent lives in San Francisco where he leads an adventure-forward life, surfing, skiing and rock-climbing. Trent’s volunteer efforts blend well with his love of adventure and travel, where he works to help build financial support for Project Wave of Optimism, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable community development in the surfing regions of Latin America.
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Senior Liquidity Advisor