Kale Frank

Kale Frank leads the biopharma and dx/tools practice for the San Francisco Bay Area and the Northwest. He and the Life Science and Healthcare team provide insights, advice, venture financing and banking solutions to help as companies scale from Series A and beyond.

Kale has worked within the banking industry since 2011 and has been at SVB since 2015, holding a variety of roles focused on capital markets, relationship management and venture debt financing. He has been a member of the Bay Area Healthtech and Bioscience Leaders (BAHBL) since 2019 and has a special interest in life science equity markets and data insights. Before joining SVB, Kale held roles at PNC Financial Services in St. Louis, Missouri.

Originally from Southern Illinois, he graduated from the University of Notre Dame with honors and was captain of the Notre Dame drumline. These days Kale can be found hiking or playing music when he’s not working with the most interesting companies on the planet.
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Biopharma, Tools & DX
Managing Director, Life Science and Healthcare