Kadie Sobel

Kadie Sobel is the director for structured finance for SVB’s San Diego and Orange County markets. In this role, she and her team oversee all lending transactions for the bank’s technology companies in the area. Kadie is extremely passionate about SoCal’s innovation economy, its entrepreneurs and the way SVB’s clients are changing the world. Her position not only offers a front-row seat to groundbreaking technologies, but also gives her a valued supporting role in the action, too — her customized banking solutions help her clients succeed.

Soon after graduating in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in business economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Kadie joined SVB’s lending team in Santa Clara, where she spent five years ramping up her knowledge on technology companies. In 2014, Kadie spent three months in Europe’s “Global City” — London — where SVB tapped into her expertise to help get the SVB-UK Asset Based Lending Team up and running.

Having a great career in an innovation hotbed ranks as a top reason that Kadie loves living in Encinitas; however, she’s quick to take full advantage of other assets of the SoCal area: sun, sea and the great outdoors. You’ll often find her enjoying it all with her husband and three dogs, Larry, Jack and Owen.
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Director, Structured Finance