Jenna O'Donnell

Jenna O’Donnell is a senior relationship advisor for Silicon Valley Bank, managing client accounts for the Colorado technology and A/G team. Her work helps manage and grow deposit relationships; she also assists with training and process improvement projects, technical writing and data analysis and has deep knowledge of portfolio management, risk mitigation and commercial banking.

Jenna joined Silicon Valley Bank in 2008 and offers a wealth of knowledge to her clients and team. She is passionate about helping clients find solutions to grow their business and finds it incredibly gratifying to watch her successful small business clients move on to a later-stage relationship team. Jenna enjoys participating in projects where her expertise can help to improve the lives of others and has created several programs to improve products, processes and relationships.

Jenna began her career in the mental health field, moved on to become a mortgage assistant and worked for Frontier Airlines in their frequent flier program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Denver.

Away from work, Jenna is a wife, mother to a little girl, a baker and candy maker, and a fan of books and reality TV.

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Software & Internet ; Hardware & Frontier Tech; Fintech
Senior Relationship Advisor