Esha Bawa

Esha Bawa is the managing director for Treasury and Payments for Fintech and Consumer Internet. She and her team provide tailored treasury and payments solutions addressing the unique needs of the innovation economy. The group specializes in putting control in the hands of the client, leveraging solutions like business cards, expense management, payments, merchant services, collections management, disbursements and embedded payments.

Since 2010, Esha has focused on finance and technology. Before joining SVB in 2022, she worked at American Express, serving corporate banking clients across relationship management and product marketing. Esha worked on launching Early Pay, American Express’ supply chain finance and dynamic discounting platform and served as Chief of Staff to the Head of Global Business Development.

Esha earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration at Babson College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. She is an investor at Portfolia, an investing community and a family venture investment fund supporting women. Esha is a board member of SwarDarbar, an adjunct professor at Baruch College, a yoga instructor and a Hindustani classical vocal student.
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Fintech and Consumer Internet
Managing Director, Treasury and Payments