Emily Nguyen

Emily Nguyen is a relationship advisor for the emerging manager team with Silicon Valley Bank. Based in Tempe, Arizona, she joined the bank in 2018 as a relationship service advisor before taking on additional responsibilities of a relationship advisor. With her team, Emily supports and manages the bank’s most strategic global fund banking clients in private equity and venture capital with their deposit needs, and she is responsible for the relationships of more than 840 portfolio clients — often she is their first point of contact for requests and guidance to leverage the bank’s products to help attain their financial goals. Emily enjoys the growth and increased banking knowledge she experiences day to day at Silicon Valley Bank.

Earlier in her career, Emily worked as a financial aid officer at Ancora Education, a national college and training center. Additionally, she worked in operations at MUFG, a financial services company headquartered in Japan, and at AIG.

While at Silicon Valley Bank, Emily has served on the bank’s and she received the esteemed Peggy Bork Client Care Award, which recognizes the commitment of team members who deliver the highest quality of client care through empathy and high-value solutions. Outside of the office, Emily loves crafting, arts and DIY projects with her teen children.


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Global Fund Banking - Emerging Manager
Relationship Advisor