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Company News - December 05, 2007

SVB Analytics Releases Venture Capital Funding Research<br>Data Reveals Bubble-Era, Late-Stage Technology Companies Continue to Receive New Funding SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - December 5, 2007 - SVB Analytics, a leading provider of valuation and corporate equity management

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Company News - November 29, 2007

Ex-Im Bank Announces FY2008 Advisory Committee Members<br>SVB Silicon Valley Bank's Mike Selfridge, head of global products, joins the Ex-Im committee representing finance

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The New York Times - October 31, 2007

Hello, India? I Need Help With My Math The New York Times

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EKR Therapeutics Secures Credit Facility; Company Well Positioned to Strategically Pursue Product Acquisitions to Fuel Long-Term Growth Momentum
Client News - October 22, 2007

The Arizona Republic - October 21, 2007
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