SVB Analytics Automates Stock Option Repricing and Expensing With CapMx

Company news  |  September 14, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 14, 2009 - SVB Analytics' eProsper unit, a leading provider of corporate equity management solutions, now enables companies that issue stock options to reprice and expense those options automatically with a new release of its equity management software product, CapMx®. One of the most widely used equity management solutions, CapMx helps private companies, their investors and their law firms easily and accurately track and analyze corporate securities while meeting complex reporting and compliance requirements.

"Changing market conditions have left many companies and their employees with underwater stock options, requiring finance teams to reprice and then accurately account for those changes," said Jim Anderson, president of SVB Analytics, a member of SVB Financial Group.

In the most recent upgrade, CapMx, which manages all aspects of corporate equity including reporting and FAS 123R accounting in one software system, improves user productivity and efficiencies by offering an easy click-through process to reprice options and the ability to maintain original grant values or modify them as needed.

Additionally, CFOs will be able to expense repriced grants using a bifurcated approach, allowing transparency into the expensing process by maintaining both the original cancelled grant and the new repriced grant together on their reports.

CapMx users also have access to additional new repricing reports, which reflect the calculation of incremental value. New disclosure reports provide values for both original and repriced grants, as well as values that reflect changes in liability status for early exercised grants - heretofore a time-consuming computation now handled automatically.

The upgrades to CapMx are available immediately to eProsper's clients and more detailed product information can be found at

About SVB Analytics and eProsper
SVB Analytics, a member of SVB Financial Group (Nasdaq: SIVB), is the majority owner of eProsper, which provides on-demand corporate equity administration, analytics and capitalization management software to private, venture-funded companies through its industry-leading, Web-based software, CapMx. SVB Analytics also provides valuation services for companies and investors related to IRC 409A, FAS 123R, FAS 141/142 and FAS 157. More information can be found at

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