SVB Analytics Acquires Stock Option Management Capability for Public Companies

Company news  |  January 12, 2010

SVB Financial Group Expands Platform for Companies of All Sizes

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — January 12, 2010 — SVB Analytics, a leading provider of valuation services and corporate equity management solutions, acquired a capitalization table and option tracking management solution for public companies, giving SVB Analytics the ability to offer this service to public corporations in addition to the private companies it serves today. The acquisition of Equity Enterprise from Boardroom Software continues to build SVB's platform for companies at all stages of development, including public companies.

"Our focus is serving the financial needs of technology and life science companies, regardless of their size or life stage," said Greg Becker, president of Silicon Valley Bank. "To support our clients' long-term growth we continue to offer the diverse products and services they need as they mature, and the acquisition of Equity Enterprise is another part of that solution."

SVB Analytics currently has more than 1,700 companies on its cap table and option tracking solution, which is called CapMx*. One of the most widely used equity management solutions, CapMx helps companies, their investors and their law firms easily and accurately track and analyze corporate ownership while meeting reporting and compliance requirements for these increasingly intricate private capital structures. CapMx manages all aspects of corporate equity including reporting and FAS 123R (ASC 505) option accounting in one software solution.

"With the added ability to serve public companies and complex LLCs we will be able to grow our business, but more importantly, we'll be able to help private company clients make that important step toward an IPO," said Jim Anderson, president of SVB Analytics, a member of SVB Financial Group. "Our aim is to provide complete and continuous support for our clients throughout their life cycle."

The solution acquired by SVB Analytics is also primarily used by companies in the technology and life science sectors. SVB Analytics will now offer publicly traded companies the same functionality and high quality service that it offers private corporate clients today. As part of the acquisition, SVB Analytics hired all the Boardroom Software employees involved with the Equity Enterprise solution. SVB Analytics expects to grow its business through this acquisition with the added ability to assist IPO candidates and other public companies. Over time, SVB Analytics/ eProsper will bring the best features of CapMx and Equity Enterprise together in one platform.

*CapMx is provided by eProsper, which is majority owned by SVB Analytics.

About SVB Analytics and eProsper
SVB Analytics, a member of SVB Financial Group (Nasdaq: SIVB), is the majority owner of eProsper, which provides on-demand corporate equity administration, analytics and capitalization management software to private, venture-funded companies through its industry-leading, Web-based software, CapMx. SVB Analytics also provides valuation services for companies and investors related to IRC 409A, FAS 123R, FAS 141/142 and FAS 157. 

SVB Analytics is a non-bank affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank. EProsper is a majority-owned subsidiary of SVB Analytics and a non-bank affiliate of Silicon Valley Bank. Products and services offered by SVB Analytics and eProsper are not insured by the FDIC or any other Federal Government Agency and are not guaranteed by Silicon Valley Bank or its affiliates. Silicon Valley Bank is a member of the FDIC and the Federal Reserve System and it is the California bank subsidiary of SVB Financial Group, which is also a member of the Federal Reserve System. SVB analytics and eProsper do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax or legal advisors for such guidance.