Silicon Valley Bank and Solomon Smith Barney Host Financial and Tax Planning for Today's Volatile Market Event on June 28

Company news  |  June 27, 2001

Menlo Park, CA -- June 27, 2001 -- Silicon Valley Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley Bancshares, and Solomon Smith Barney together will host "Financial and Tax Planning for Today's Volatile Market," held at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, California on June 28.

The event was specifically designed for Silicon Valley Bank's Private Banking clients and prospects, and is the debut event of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is yet another example of the type of continuing superior service Silicon Valley Bank brings to its clients - providing professional and expert advice at no additional charge.

The keynote speaker for the event will be Andy Katzenstein from the law firm Katten Muchin Zaris. Katzenstein will discuss with the audience of 40 attendees the best financial planning strategies for the current market downturn.

Silicon Valley Bank serves emerging growth and middle market companies in targeted niches, focusing on technology and life sciences, while also addressing other specific industries in which it can provide a higher level of service and better manage credit through specialization and focus.

The Bank operates throughout the Silicon Valley: Santa Clara, Palo Alto and Sand Hill, the center of the venture capital community in California. Other regional offices within California include: Irvine, Los Angeles, Napa Valley, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma. Office locations outside of California include: Phoenix, Arizona; Boulder, Colorado; West Palm Beach, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Durham, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Austin, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Northern Virginia; and Seattle, Washington.

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