SVB Cash Sweep

Earn dividends on your idle cash while maintaining easy access to your funds.

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Let your idle cash work for you while you focus on what matters — your business

SVB Cash Sweep automatically moves cash you’re not using into the money market funds you select from our carefully researched menu.

Highly rated funds from top-tier managers

Put your cash into U.S. government bond funds that focus on capital preservation and are managed by Morgan Stanley, BlackRock and Western Asset Management. 

Flexible setup

Compare and research funds online. Manage your target deposit balance1 and move cash among funds quickly and easily.

Convenient online access and fund transparency

Review your accounts and all transactions through SVB Online Banking, where you can also access monthly statements and all fund materials. 

SVB Cash Sweep offers highly rated funds from respected fund managers

Feel secure knowing that you can select investments from experienced fund managers.


BlackRock Liquidity Funds FedFund
Share Class: Administration Shares
CUSIP: 09248U445
Ticker: BLFXX

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Government Money Market Fund
Share Class: Institutional Select
CUSIP: 61747C871
Ticker: MGSXX

Western Asset Management (A Legg Mason Company)

Western Asset Government Reserves Investors Shares
Share Class: Investor Shares
CUSIP: 52470G650
Ticker: LGRXX


BlackRock Liquidity Funds T-Fund
Share Class: Administration Shares
CUSIP: 09248U676
Ticker: BTAXX

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Treasury Money Market Fund
Share Class: Institutional Select
CUSIP: 61747C558
Ticker: MTSXX

Western Asset Management (A Legg Mason Company)

Western Asset Institutional U.S. Treasury Reserves Investor Shares
Share Class: Investor Shares
CUSIP: 52470G684
Ticker: LTRXX

Turn idle cash into dividend-earning deposits

Cash Sweep offers flexibility and convenience that might be right for you.

Maintain access to your cash whenever you need it

With SVB Cash Sweep, you always have access to your invested funds, so you’re always covered.

Automate your investment program

Your cash can work for you while you work on growing your business.

Access SVB expertise and business insights

Go beyond banking by joining the SVB network of investment, finance and innovation experts to gain industry connections and grow your business.

Ready to make your money work for you around the clock?


Talk to one of our Cash Sweep experts about setting up a program that is right for you.

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