Innovation Economy Outlook 2015

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Business conditions

Innovation leaders are optimistic and focused on growth

Confidence is high, but measured. Leaders recognize success won’t be easy, but their outlook suggests they’re up for the challenge.

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Creating jobs

Hiring boom exposes growing skills gap

Innovation industries are global job creators, and most expect to grow. But, it’s not all smooth sailing. Leaders say it’s challenging to find people with the skills they need for growth.

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Raising capital

Healthy fundraising tension shows the market’s underlying strength

Capital is available, but not necessarily easy to come by. As investors demand more fully developed ideas, innovators are stepping up to meet their expectations.

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Attracting and retaining talent

Employees think beyond the paycheck

Leaders believe brand can be more appealing to employees than traditional selling points like salary or even equity. While many acknowledge the lack of women in leadership roles, few are taking steps to change the status quo.

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U.S. public policy

Innovation leaders ask government to support, not hinder, progress

Fast-growing businesses feel the impact of government action — and inaction. Innovation leaders want government policies that broaden opportunities and a regulatory landscape that encourages growth.

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