Innovate Next: A look into the future of healthcare

Our inaugural virtual summit brought together global leaders to discuss the critical issues and factors shaping healthcare.

Inaugural Event Highlights

Memorable moments from this extraordinary gathering.

Powerhouse Keynote Speakers

Two of the nation's most prominent public health policy experts address today's most critical challenges and compelling solutions.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

The Emmy Award-winning CNN correspondent and neurosurgeon discussed COVID-19’s effect on remote working, the anti-vaxxer mindset and the confusing mix of research data and disinformation.
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Sylvia Mathews Burwell

The president of American University and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services called out hurdles to economic mobility in the US, how her teams stay motivated and today’s most important healthcare innovations.

Today’s vital topics and innovative ideas for tomorrow

Well-informed speakers and panelists weighed in on innovations in healthcare, medicine and investing, plus the challenges of managing the pandemic.

The Price Tag of Innovation

The panel featured Rishi Dalsania of Clearview Healthcare Partners and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare’s Dr. Michael Sherman on drug pricing strategies and how the medical system will pay for therapies.

Healthcare Access: The Journey to 2025

Can the Affordable Care Act be improved? Is there a path to accessible healthcare for all? Will alternative care grow? The panel of industry and policy experts discussed the politics of healthcare.


The Evolution of Cross-Border Business

Brad Loncar, CEO of Loncar Investments, hosted a panel discussion with four pharmaceutical industry leaders about global market dynamics, trends in cross-border licensing and lessons from COVID-19.


Cognition: Next Frontier?

Cognition is a hot topic. UCSF’s Dr. Adam Gazzaley offered insights into the impact of the digital revolution in cognition, possibilities for therapy and non-drug digital solutions for treating ADHD.


Shaken & Stirred: Vaccine Reality

Can COVID-19 vaccines lead to an economic recovery? How widespread is vaccine hesitancy? Has the regulatory system changed in the race to develop them? The panelists shared their informed perspectives.


Pandemic Navigation & Building a Resilient Team

Group dynamics are crucial when a disaster such as the pandemic strikes. Johns Hopkins professor George Everly discussed how to build a resilient team, lead during crises and prepare for the future.


The Post-COVID-19 Environment

Stephanie Davis of SVB Leerink hosted a discussion on COVID-19’s long-term effect on healthcare and education and how the pace of change is likely to accelerate once we move beyond pandemic response mode.


Funding Window and Opportunistic Outlook

Cutting-edge startups keep launching in biotech and elsewhere. Threshold’s Emily Melton led a discussion about private and public funding, the long-term investor outlook and healthcare valuations.

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Highlights from Innovate Next

Deep dives, compelling conversations.

Is the Price Right?

For the first time in many years, it’s looking like reform measures, breakthrough pharma innovations and the COVID-19 crisis may finally be changing the drug pricing status quo.

Global Pandemic. International Collaboration.

The race to develop vaccines to fight COVID-19 seems to have shed new light on numerous advantages of cross-border cooperation for the industry and for its investor community.

Build A Team You Can Trust in Crunch Time

Success requires the coordinated effort of large numbers of people across multiple disciplines who can communicate well. Don’t wait for a crisis to start building a solid team.

The Window Is Wide Open

The IPO process may have changed, but by making a few, well-informed adjustments, opportunities abound for healthcare investors--now and for the foreseeable future.

Life After COVID-19

Change was constant even before COVID-19. Now, things are moving even faster. The question is, do we have the ability--and the agility--to respond quickly and effectively?

Our goal is to support by getting wind in the sails of the innovation ecosystem.

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