• Healthcare Capital & Connections Summit
    September 11 - 13, 2018
    Shanghai, China

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    2018 Summit Details

    Summit speakers and attendee information will be updated regularly to help you plan your 2018 Summit schedule.

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    3. Visa Planning Tips

      Visa Planning Tips

      • Allow 4 weeks to complete the steps of the Chinese Visa application process
      • Check the expiration date of your passport and renew immediately if required
      • The Chinese Consulate requires your passport during the Visa application process.

      If you are traveling abroad prior to the Summit, you will need to factor your travel into the timing of your application.

      The length of time to secure a visa depends on the consulate at which the traveler is applying for the visa. And the traveler has to apply at the consulate which has jurisdiction for their state of residence. The consulate in San Francisco advises of a 4 business day turn-around, but they also have an expedited option. This assumes that all documents are in order. To gather all of the relevant documents, we usually estimate 1 week, so in theory the visa can be obtained in about 2 weeks.

      In addition to the Lychee Group China issued invitation letter, which is required by the Chinese Consulate, the traveler should also provide an original letter from their employer stating its financial support of the trip to the 2018 Healthcare Capital & Connections Summit.

      Invitation Letter

      Our conference logistics partner, Lychee Group China will issue the invitation letter required for attendees applying for a Chinese visa.  For Lychee to help issue the invitation letter, you need to:

      Lychee Group China will need 3 days to issue the invitation letter. Please submit the information for the Invitation Letter as soon as possible following Summit registration.


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