Webinar: Negotiating Clinical Research Organization (Cro) Contracts – Understanding and Mitigating FX Risks (on Demand)



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Large spending on clinical research projects in a foreign country can expose life science companies to potentially millions in foreign currency risks.  A successful clinical research relationship may depend on rigorous risk-hedged planning and management. 

Hear SVB's Life Science and Foreign Exchange teams engage in a dialogue covering:

  • How to leverage SVB's insight and solutions to improve contract economics
  • Case studies of how FX hedging and negotiation tactics can affect the bottom line
  • Common contractual terms to be aware of when negotiating with clinical research organizations
  • Advantages of negotiating in USD or investigator’s local currency


Nate Wyne, Senior Foreign Exchange Advisor

Peter Compton, Senior Foreign Exchange Advisor

This webinar is intended for US audiences only.

Foreign exchange transactions can be highly risky, and losses may occur in short periods of time if there is an adverse movement of exchange rates. Exchange rates can be highly volatile and are impacted by numerous economic, political and social factors, as well as supply and demand and governmental intervention, control and adjustments. Investments in financial instruments carry significant risk, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Before entering any foreign exchange transaction, you should obtain advice from your own tax, financial, legal and other advisors, and only make investment decisions on the basis of your own objectives, experience and resources.

About the Author

Nate Wyne is the Southern California foreign exchange advisor for Silicon Valley Bank. Nate hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in International Studies for Business. Nate partners with his clients to create and implement sound risk-management practices around foreign exchange and cash-management. After completing his undergraduate degree, Nate pursued a career in retail banking before moving to commercial and eventually corporate banking. With 13 years of banking experience across the full gamut of advisory roles – Nate enjoys helping growing businesses focus on what they do best.
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