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Fraud Prevention

Providing tools, services and guidance to help you reduce fraud risk, so your business can grow without unwanted — and costly— interruptions.

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Our solutions

  • Fraud Control Services
  • IBM Trusteer Rapport
  • ACH Blocks and Filters

Fraud control services

Two services that help with prevention of check fraud, a major financial challenge for businesses. 
  • Choose Check Positive Pay or Check Positive Pay with payee validation
  • Compare cleared checks with issued checks
  • Select which checks to pay or return

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport®

Software that helps protect users from falling into fraudsters’ traps.
  • Gain the ability to detect and prevent malware and phishing attacks
  • Be empowered to safeguard personal data and reduce risk of identity theft
  • Integrate with existing firewalls and antivirus programs

ACH blocks and filters

A tool that lets you handle ACH payments with greater confidence.
  • Stop unauthorized debits and credits
  • Allow companies you know & trust
  • Filter accounts based on authorized originators

Protect your business from cybercrime and fraud with these strategies

You can do plenty to help insulate your business from fraud with smart setup of your systems and proper employee training. Learn more best practices to bolster your security.

Prevent internal fraud

Manage the risk of business fraud by using these tips, ranging from segregation of duties to accounts payable controls.

Ensure payments are secure

Get tips on how to reduce exposure to fraud on e-payments, wire payments and paper payments. Learn more

Protect yourself

Keep your personal accounts secure with advice on identity theft, credit card protections, phishing scams and online security. Learn more

Our comprehensive services are key to your company’s defenses

SVB’s integrated fraud prevention suite provides tools and best practices to help identify and monitor suspicious activity so you don’t have to focus on time-consuming security breaches.

Integrated anti-fraud features

Benefit from security tools that are easy to implement and use. 

Smart governance for extra protection

Feel more confident about security with controls that require two separate administrators to set up, change and monitor systems. 

Notifications set to your criteria

Create customized alerts based on your business needs, from transaction approvals to balance monitoring to suspicious logins.

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Protect your business from cybercrime and fraud

At SVB, we make fighting fraud a priority, sharing the best resources available to help you protect your business. That’s because for 35+ years, we’ve made it our business to help young companies succeed in any way we can.
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