Plaid Integration
with SVB

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Authenticate with Plaid, pay with SVB

Achieve a faster way to authenticate bank account information and a seamless method to make payments.

Simple and Smart Integration

Automatically generate payments via SVB after authentication in Plaid.

Decrease Costs, Increase Speed

Cut out the middleman and process payments faster straight from your bank.

Lower Risk and Data Exposure

Instantly authenticate bank accounts without the need to ever handle an account or routing number.

Authenticate bank information directly with your SVB account

A smooth integration allows you to send your Plaid tokens to our ACH API for payment processing. Here is how it works:
authenticate bank information directly with your SVB account 0522

"SVB’s flexible platform allows us to customize our payment solutions and drive efficiencies in ways that our prior provider simply could not or would not do. The onboarding was easy and we were up in running much faster than we had anticipated."

Jim O'Connor, COO at Cut+Dry

Three easy steps to begin


Step 1

Enable SVB as your ACH bank processor on the Plaid Integrations page. Learn more

Step 2

Securely send ACH instructions to SVB APIs containing Plaid’s tokens. View SVB ACH API docs

Step 3

We handle the rest by unmasking the Plaid tokens to securely send payments to the associated bank account. Email us with questions

Technical documentation​


Interested in learning about how the integration works? Access the documentation.​

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