Automate Payments with Silicon Valley Bank and Modern Treasury

Simplify the entire cycle of money movement

SVB Supported Payment Methods and Currencies
Make and receive payments directly through your Silicon Valley Bank account with domestic methods like ACH & Domestic Wires, and international methods like SWIFT, BACS, and SEPA, using multiple currencies. 
Flexible Payments Controls
Initiate, approve and release payments with custom rules and access controls and maintain an audit trail of all interactions with automatic activity logging. 
Automatic Cash Reconciliation
Modern Treasury automatically reconciles payments to transactions the moment they post to your Silicon Valley Bank account, giving you a real time picture of cash. 
Continuous Accounting
Eliminate long close cycles by instantly syncing reconciled payments to your General Ledger using pre-built integrations with accounting systems. 

Streamline payments directly from your SVB account

Simplify payment automation so you can focus on your business. Here is how it works: 


Modern Treasury Integration

Access to payments expertise

Tailored Banking Services
Silicon Valley Bank is dedicated to banking high-growth technology companies, with expertise in providing banking, payments and lending services to payments-focused software and fintech companies. 
Fast Onboarding Service
Silicon Valley Bank and Modern Treasury have streamlined the integration experience to help you launch quickly. 
Built for Scale
With modular features that can support both basic accounting and complex payments needs like ledgers and sub-accounts, together, we help companies at all stages of growth. 
"Working with Silicon Valley Bank and Modern Treasury from the start has been a game-changer for us. Not only are they some of the most high-caliber people I've worked with, but their tech stack has also made it possible for us to grow 1,000x with ease. Any fintech should consider working with them, full stop."

Alek Koenig

Modern treasury and Silicon Valley Bank

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Modern Treasury and Silicon Valley Bank partner to provide integrated payments operations and banking solutions to innovative companies. 
Modern Treasury
Modern Treasury puts you in control with a fast, flexible, and transparent way for businesses to move money. Check out their website. 

Technical documentation

Want the developer details about the API? Check out the Modern Treasury technical documentation.

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