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SVB has helped many leading innovators get their start. We work with our customers through the ups and downs of growing a business.

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Companies start with us early. Founders know we’re startup experts.
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Global Fund Banking Outlook Q2 2022
Despite broader market headwinds, opportunities remain in private equity and venture capital markets.
A special message from Anthony DeChellis
SVB Private CEO, Anthony DeChellis introduces SVB Private and shares how our united organization helps clients build wealth, pursue goals and define legacies
The Future of Climate Tech
Our report analyzes venture investments, exit trends and emerging technologies that offer hope for a sustainable future.
SVB named one of America’s Best Banks in 2022 by Forbes
Forbes' 13th annual look at America's Best Banks ranks SVB #15 out of the 100 largest publicly-traded banks based on growth, credit quality and profitability.
Economic Report, Q1 2022
SVB Asset Management's quarterly report reviews financial conditions in the domestic and global economies.
Step Forward: Fueling Diversity in the Innovation Economy
SVB's inaugural event gathered thought leaders for impactful conversations addressing diversity, equity, and ways to expand opportunities for diverse talent in the innovation economy.
Strategies for Growth Beyond Series A: eBook
This interactive eBook features a completion of articles that address challenges facing today’s founders and CEOs after achieving Series A funding. Read real-world stories and get tips to help your organization accelerate growth.
SVB Adds Technology Investment Banking
Building on SVB Leerink’s success in the healthcare sector, SVB is expanding its investment banking business into technology.
SVB Announces Nasdaq Private Market Joint Venture
Nasdaq Private Market is an institutional grade, centralized secondary trading venue and software platform for issuers, brokers, shareholders and investors of private company stock.
Innovate Next: Innovators and Investors
Innovate Next is a unique SVB client event that brings together healthcare innovators through online educational sessions and networking opportunities to discuss critical issues shaping healthcare.

We serve investors across stages, sectors and regions

SVB is the go-to financial partner for investors in the innovation ecosystem and beyond. 
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We help support businesses at every stage

Silicon Valley Bank provides products, services and strategic advice to help you turn your big ideas into a great business. 

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Our startup banking team of 75+ finance pros, startup founders and biopharma scientists bring battle-tested experience and sector-specific expertise to help you maneuver your company towards success. 

As Bank Director magazine says, “a lot of banks talk about the importance of relationships, but SVB plays a long game that may be unique.” We advise and service founders every step of the way. From launch to securing seed to venture rounds to major acquisitions, IPOs and more, you won’t outgrow SVB. 

And while our Silicon Valley roots run deep, our reach is now truly global, with offices in innovation hubs from Bangalore to Tel Aviv. SVB can support you, wherever your business takes you. 

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Networks matter, especially to new businesses. SVB is viewed as unrivaled for being at the epicenter of the startup ecosystem – which is why we can be so instrumental in helping propel you ahead.   

When you join SVB, you become a part of that ecosystem, too. You can participate in our events that bring together investors, other founders, and industry luminaries. We’ll also share with you insights into emerging startups, technologies and investment trends gleaned from our unique vantage point. 

Welcome to the hub of the startup ecosystem. 

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SVB is committed to helping founders wanting to create a better world.  

There are many ways we’re showing our commitment to helping catalyze a better world. One is the support we’re offering founders who are building new sustainability solutions by committing at least $5 billion in financing by 2027.

Another example: our Access to Innovation initiative is expanding opportunities for underrepresented groups to lead in the innovation economy.