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User guide for Corporate Edition


Notice to Users: please remember that the security of your online profile is your responsibility as indicated in the Business Banking - Terms & Conditions located at SVB The best way to keep your account secure is to use a strong password and change it regularly. If you have questions about these responsibilities, please contact your Company Administrator.

Welcome to our new users

We're excited to have you on board our Digital Banking platform and want to ensure that you make the most of the features available to you. In addition to your Company Administrator(s), our Cash Management Team is your resource as you begin your Digital Banking experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the Concierge Desk by calling (888) 322-2120 from 8am - 8pm ET. We look forward to a successful relationship.

- The Digital Banking & Cash Management Team

Getting started

If you aren't familiar with all of the functionality available to you through our Digital Banking platform, take a few minutes to review the video overviews located on our Digital Banking homepage. Here you can learn about our suite of payment options, entitlement controls, reporting and see a detailed feature list. If you have questions about available features or functionality that your company has chosen to use, please ask your Company Administrator for details.


Each new Corporate Edition enrollee is offered onboarding training and consulting to ensure that their Digital Banking enrollment is configured according to their specific business use case and that the contracted functionality is working as expected. To schedule a training session, please contact our Concierge Desk and ask for the Cash Management team.

Your user journey

Use the menus below to explore the next steps in your journey as a new User within the Digital Banking platform. While the steps are in a suggested order, you can explore them in the way that best suits your needs, however we recommend that you start with these two overviews that will give you a broad sense for how the platform is structured:

Information to access Digital Banking will be provided by your Company Administrator in the form of your initial username and password. You must login within three days of being set up in the system or your account will become locked out. If this happens, please contact your Company Admin who can reset your password and provide you with new information.

You will always login to the Digital Banking platform either on or on our Mobile Applications. We recommend that you download the Mobile Application now so you have it when you need it.

When you first login, you will be asked to change your temporary password set by your administrator. Please consider using a strong password as directed in these guidelines to help secure your account. While not required, we also recommend that you change your password several times per year as a matter of routine.

You may also change your username by navigating to Settings > Security Preferences.

In the event that your account is locked, which will happen after six unsuccessful login attempts, you can either contact your Company Administrator or the SVB Private Concierge Desk to have your account unlocked or trigger a password reset.

Key Resources to Review:

Coordinate with your Company Administrator to determine the User Role and entitlements set up for your profile based on how you will be expected to use the Digital Banking platform for your company. Depending on your User Role settings chosen by your Company Admin, you may be able to Draft or Approve ACH or Wire payments.

Before you make your first payments, you, your Admin and other users will need to decide how you plan to manage your payment recipient data.

If you're able to export ACH or Wire recipient data from your old Online Banking platform, we offer a way to import the information into Digital Banking through formatted CSV files to populate the Recipient List. The Recipient List acts as a database of recipient information that can then be used to create Payments or Payment Templates.

Key Resources to Review (Videos Available):

Before processing your first payments, you'll want to have a thorough understanding of the payment drafting and approval process. Each payment must be drafted by one user and approved by another (referred to as "Dual Control" or "Dual Authorization"). This is a best-practice security measure that will help prevent both internal and external fraud on your accounts. You will have the opportunity to notify available approvers once a payment has been drafted, provided the approver has signed up to receive notifications.

In addition, timely approval is important to avoid having to cancel and re-draft the payment based on applicable cutoff times.

Your "home base" for managing payment activity is the Activity Center. Depending on your role, you will want to set up different favorite views that will pre-filter the Activity Center based on your use.

Key Resources to Review (Videos Available):

If your role allows you to approve payments, you'll want to take a few steps to understand the approval process.

Symantec Tokens are used to complete the approval process. If you are unfamiliar, a token is a device (in this case a mobile application) that produces "token codes" every minute. The current code on the token must be entered when prompted to approve a payment, so as an approver you will need to download the token app and link your token's "Credential ID" to your username.

Receive Alerts via email when a payment is awaiting approval by signing up for payment alerts based on the payment types for which you will be an approver.

Approve Payments via either the desktop browser, or in our Mobile App.

Key Resources to Review: