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Home screen overview

  1. View a listing of accounts accessible within Digital Banking.

  2. Shortcuts to ‘Bill Pay’ and ‘Deposit Check History’ are located on the right side of the screen.

  3. Click the ‘Link Institution’ button to pull in information from your other bank or credit union accounts.

  4. Select the Personal Finance Manager Tools to manage your finances.

    1. Net Worth
    2. Budget
    3. Spending
    4. Trends
    5. Debts

     Home Screen and Financial Tools options

  5. Select the ‘Options’ icon next to each account to reveal multiple available quick actions.

     Quick Action Options

  6. Select and drag any account to the envelope icon which appears at the bottom right side of the screen to create a new account group.

     Drag Account to New Group Tray

  7. The new group created can be renamed by entering the name in the New Group field, and select the check mark icon to save. Additional accounts may be dragged into the new group or additional groups created.

    NOTE: Additional account(s) may be moved into the newly created group or additional group(s) may be created if needed by repeating step 6.

    Add New Group Name

  8. Click on the pie graph at the bottom of the screen to view a distribution of funds across accounts accessible within Digital Banking.

     Asset Summary Winwheel Chart