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ACH file import

Corporate edition only

NOTE: Supported file types include the following:
    • Single-batch NACHA formatted file containing an SEC Class Code of either PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposit to or from a consumer account) or CCD (Cash Concentration and Disbursement to or from a business account).
    • 5-Column CSV File
  1. Select the 'Transfers & Payments' menu and then select 'Payments & Wires'.Transfer and Payments then select Payments and Wires
  2. Select 'New Payment', then the desired payment type from the dropdown menu.Select New Payment the ACH Payment Type
  3. Click on 'Upload From File' option.Choose Upload From File link
  4. Click the 'View Mapping Actions'.View Mapping Actions
  5. Search and select the upload file into online banking for processing.
    • If the file to be uploaded is a 5-coulmn CSV, instructions are listed on the screen regarding format and content after selecting the desired transaction type.Import ACH CSV file
  6. If a new map is needed, click 'New Mapping'New Mapping option
  7. Search and select the upload file into online banking for processing
  8. Confirm the File Delimiter and File Header checkbox then click 'Continue'Upload file check box first row file header
  9. Map each row to the applicable system filed description then click 'Continue'Map each item
  10.  Name the desired Mapping Instructions.Name mapping instruction and finish
  11. Then click "Finish when complete.