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Payment templates

Payment Templates may be created for ACH and Wire payment types.

A Payment Template allows you to save payment information that can be accessed in the future.

  1. Select the ‘Transfers & Payments’ menu and then select ‘Payments & Wires’.Transfer and payments select payments and wires
  2. Select ‘Create Template’ and the desired payment typeCreate template link choose payment type
  3. Designate a ‘Template Name’. 
  4. Click the link below Template Access Rights to designate the user/user roles who should have access to this template.Template name and template access rights link
  5. Select the User Role(s) who should have access to the template.Select user or user roles that may access this template
  6. Select an ‘SEC Code’.    
  7. Enter ‘Company Entry Description’, the recipient will see this transaction description along with subsidiary name. This is a required field.Select S E C Code and Add Company Entry Description
  8. Select a ‘From Subsidiary’ (sender name).
  9. Select the corresponding offset ‘Account’.Select subsidiary and offset account
  10. Click the ‘+Add multiple recipients’ link to add multiple recipients to the template.Add Multiple Recipient option
    • Note: a User Role will appear as greyed out if the feature allowing access to all templates is enabled. This overrides the ability to remove template access from the corresponding User Role.
  11. Select the desired recipients and click the ‘Add’ button when done.Select Multiple Recipient Accounts
  12. Enter dollar amount for each linked recipient.
    • Note: The amount may be left as $0.00 if the amount will differ from file to file.Add amount to each recipient
  13. Select Payment Actions optionsSelect payment action option
  14. Select ‘Expand Row’, to view and add Addenda information if applicable for ACH origination, and/or for wire transfer templates add Message to Beneficiary (OBI). This detail will save with the template for future use.
      • ACH Addendum field maximum character length 80 including spaces
      • For Wire transfer template, Message to Beneficiary (OBI) maximum character space 140 including spaces.
  15. Review the information on the screen for accuracy and then select ‘Save’.Addenda information and save