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Using soft tokens with digital banking


With Digital Banking, you'll only need a token when you're taking an action to approve a wire or ACH payment (see how it works). Tokens are not required (and cannot be used) to login to Digital Banking on any device, nor are they required to draft payments.

The Symantec VIP Access soft token app provides enhanced security when performing payment approvals in Digital Banking either in the desktop or mobile application.


  • All current users with hard tokens are eligible to switch to soft tokens. Follow the Getting Started steps below to begin.
  • All new users are eligible for soft tokens at the time of their account creation if they are provided with Wire or ACH access.
  • Private Clients with international mobile phones that cannot receive SMS messages for wire payment approval.

Getting Started:

Please follow a few easy steps to get started:

  1. Go to the App store on your mobile device to obtain the VIP Access App.
  2. Make note of the Credential ID from the App that starts with SYMC
  3. Contact us at (888) 322-2120 to request the soft token be linked to your username. Please tell the representative on the phone, "I'd like to link a soft token Credential ID to a user account," and they will walk you through the process.

Note: Digital Banking supports one active Credential ID per user. If you have a currently active token Credential ID and request a new token be linked, the original will become inactive.

Using the Soft Token:

NOTE: The first time you use your token to approve a payment, you will be prompted to enter two successive codes. Enter the first code, then wait for the token to refresh and enter the second code. This will only be required the FIRST time you use your token.

The soft token works similarly to hard tokens where a six-digit code will be displayed in the app when you open it. This code will continuously reset on a preset time interval.

When you access the payment approvals feature in Digital Banking, you will be prompted to open the Symantec VIP app to retrieve in the current six-digit code, then enter it into the SVB Private Digital Banking Desktop or Mobile App. Check out the step-by-step guide to Payment Approvals in Corporate Edition.

Please contact the us at (888) 322-2120 if you have any questions.