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One-time ACH payments

ACH payments are only available in corporate edition of digital banking
  1. Select the ’Transfers & Payments’ menu and then ‘Payments & Wires’.
    Transfer and payments select payments and wires
  2. Select the desired transaction type within the ‘New Payment’ drop down menu.
    Select new payment then ACH payment
  3. Select the desired ACH Class Code.
    NOTE: Payroll transactions will automatically default to an ACH Class Code of PPD.
  4. Select the ‘From Subsidiary’.
  5. Select the offset ‘Account’.
  6. Select the ‘Effective Date’.
  7. Optional: Click ‘Set schedule’ to set up the wires as recurring transactions.
    Origination Details
  8. Select how often the transaction should repeat.
  9. Designate when the transaction should stop.
    1. Click the ‘Forever (Until I cancel)’ to setup an indefinite recurrence.
    2. Click the calendar and select a date to designate a specific date to stop the recurrence.
      Select recurring transaction
  10. Click ‘Save’ to save the recurrence setup.
    Schedule Date
  11. Click the ‘+Add multiple recipients’ link to select multiple recipients at one time.
    Add Multiple Recipients
  12. Select the desired recipients and click ‘Add’ when done.
    Select Multiple Recipient Accounts
  13. Click the ‘+Add another recipient’ link to add an individual wire transfer.
  14. Select an existing recipient from the drop- down menu or select ‘+New Recipient’ to create a new recipient.
    NOTE: Reference the ‘Recipient Management’ setup document for information regarding the setup of a new recipient.
    Recipient List
  15. Expand Row to add additional information to Addenda field. Select payment action option
  16. Review the information on the screen for accuracy and then select ‘Approve’ to authorize the wires or ‘Draft’ to only draft the wires that another user may approve. Learn more about payment approval.   Addenda information and save