Trust & Fiduciary Services

Advice-driven estate planning to underpin your holistic wealth strategy at every stage of your life.

You deserve an approach tailored for your situation, grounded in holistic planning and fiduciary needs—and your role as an innovator. We work to understand what drives you as the basis for a plan that integrates relevant legislation, tax code, and market conditions into the decision-making process.

Estate planning for innovators

As you establish your wealth plans for each stage of life, it’s helpful to consider an estate plan that evolves with your needs. We’ll partner with you to help ensure your plans are well executed – now and in the future.
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How we support your trust and fiduciary needs:
A comprehensive strategy for wealth

You know what you want to achieve with your assets. We can help you explore choices and coordinate the tools you choose to give you access, control and flexibility.

Designing your estate for effective wealth transfer

Extend your impact on the future beyond your lifetime. Consider today how you’ll structure your assets for the future, so you can manage taxes and support the people you care about.

Managing fiduciary duties

Who will you choose to manage your assets once they’re held in a trust? It’s important work, and calls for someone who understands the responsibilities in detail.

Benefits of estate planning

A smart estate plan helped the heirs of these celebrities. It could help your family too.

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How strong families survive tough times: generational wealth

Creating a family legacy can have its share of challenges. Learn about strategies you can use to overcome the issues that may stand in the way of generational wealth in your family.

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Partner with us
Trust and fiduciary services to support your wealth goals.
Trust administration services

Our team of accomplished fiduciary administration professionals can administer a broad array of structures in order to meet your specific objectives.

Specialty asset management

Your portfolio may include non-financial assets such as real estate, farm and ranch land, oil, gas and mineral interests and closely held businesses. We can help you manage these as an important part of your trust’s investments.

Estate and trust settlement

You and your trusted advisors can work with our professionals to navigate the complex process of transferring assets, including impartial assistance throughout the estate settlement process and trust administration.

Guardianship and conservatorship of estate

Court-ordered guardianships and conservatorships are a tool that can protect the estates of those who are unable to manage their own financial responsibilities. We pride ourselves on listening to your concerns and advocating for your loved one’s needs with professionalism and expertise.

Agent for fiduciary

Being named to serve in a fiduciary capacity for a trust or estate is an honor—and a demanding role. We recognize the considerable responsibility that such a position requires and offer support in dealing with the challenges it brings.

Partner with us
Your decisions about trust and fiduciary services should be made within the context of your bigger financial picture. Collaborate with us on it.
Building your holistic plan

We collaborate with you to design your unique plan and experience, making it comprehensive by reviewing, assessing and understanding your needs.

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Tax planning services

Keep your plans current with analysis of tax law changes, advice on estate tax strategies, transaction analysis and more from our experts.

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Consider enhancing your charitable giving strategy by looking at how you’d like to include causes you care about in your estate plan.

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Liquidity event management

Strategies tailored to your personal income, funding needs, risk tolerance, and short- and long-term goals.

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Custom lending

An advice-oriented approach to leverage, based on your goals for cash flow, an analysis of your balance sheet and collateral, and your debt preferences.

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Executive services

Private banking and wealth advisory expertise to help you realize your professional goals.

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Private stock management

Advice and guidance to help you plan holistically for these holdings, including tax impact.

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You're creating the future. We're here to help you with your financial goals.

Keeping pace with change means being prepared. We can help. SVB Private serves today’s innovators and investors like you to develop a fresh, holistic approach to your financial life and legacy.

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We’re here to build a collaborative partnership.

Communication and connectivity are at the heart of everything we’ll accomplish together.

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Individuals and families are different

We collaborate to arrive at a deep understanding of what drives you. With a holistic approach, we can help you grow and protect your wealth and legacy at every stage of your journey by considering your complete picture.

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