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You're a busy executive, so successfully managing both your personal finances and professional responsibilities can seem like an unwieldy task. We can help you do both. 

Managing your compensation package and equity awards

Concentrated stock positions

As a successful executive, you are likely being rewarded with equity. As your equity vests over time, you have greater financial benefits, but also increased stock concentration risk. We are adept at reflecting the appropriate amount of opportunity and risk in your portfolio.

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We offer a consultative experience to planning that’s completely centered around you and your unique needs.
Your needs, our thinking
Managing the complexities of your equity compensation

The role of 10b5-1 plans in helping executives meet their financial goals

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Considerations when selling your company shares

Why a trusted advisor can help you avoid pitfalls and feel empowered to sell your stock

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Executive case study

If your work or investments provided you with concentrated stock positions, we can help you develop and manage a plan that meets your unique needs.

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Answers for executives like you
We'll help you manage your nonpublic holdings as a part of your overall wealth strategy, helping you to plan for tax implications, risk, and liquidity—and guiding your toward a plan that considers your financial needs holistically. Learn more about privately held stocks.
We take a holistic, collaborative approach to designing an investment strategy intended to maximize the opportunity to meet your long- and short-term goals. Learn more about investment management.
You can turn to us for complete estate, trust and fiduciary capabilities, including trust administration services, specialty asset management, estate and trust settlement, guardianship and conservatorship of estate, agent for fiduciary, and more. Learn more about trust and fiduciary services.
We support innovators in creating even greater change in the world through our philanthropic planning capabilities, which we integrate into your overall wealth plan. Learn more about philanthropic planning.
Communication and connectivity are at the heart of everything we can accomplish together. We’re here to build a collaborative partnership. Learn more about our approach.
Your advisor is your collaborative partner, and draws upon our specialized experts to provide the deeply informed advice and guidance you are looking for. Learn more about an individual advisor and our teams.

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