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Your mission matters—and pursuing it doesn't have to take a backseat to operational excellence and strategic planning. We have the industry experience to help you make smart borrowing decisions, save time, and chart a course that uses your funding wisely so you can balance the needs of those you serve and your organization’s long-term sustainability.

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We offer a consultative experience to planning that’s completely centered around you and your unique needs.
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Best practices for nonprofit financial management

Working with an advisor to implement a few steps can go a long way

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Should you build an endowment fund?

It’s a question every nonprofit CFO and board must answer.

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Philanthropic giving during times of crisis

A more discerning public is looking for answers to important questions, and that can affect fundraising

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Our tailored credit options include tax-exempt bond financing, affordable housing and community development financing, conventional capital improvement financing, and more. Learn more about our nonprofit lending.
We start with empathy for others. We speak and act with integrity. We embrace diverse perspectives. We take responsibility. We keep learning and improving. Learn more about our values and how we live them.
Learn more about our specialized approach to investment management, including values-based investing.
Communication and connectivity are at the heart of everything we can accomplish together. We’re here to build a collaborative partnership. Learn more about our approach.
Your advisor is your collaborative partner and draws upon our specialized experts to provide the deeply informed advice and guidance you are looking for. Learn more about an individual advisor and our teams.

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