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21 - 30 of 42 results
Transferring money to another user
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
Digital Banking allows for person to person transfers to someone else who has an account at SVB Private. The recipient must also be a user in Digital Banking with an open Checking or Savings account.
Recipient management
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
A ‘Recipient’ is an individual or company which is either debited or credited via ACH or wire.
Account details & history
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
Learn how to review your account details by selecting an account and viewing the available information. View transaction history, search, filter and export the results.
Popmoney® Service Discontinued
Resource Library Category (Online Banking)
Effective June 30, 2023, Popmoney® will be discontinuing their person-to-person payment services nationwide. Read more for additional information.
Add external accounts for external transfers
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
The External Transfers feature allows you to link your Digital Banking accounts to bank accounts at other financial institutions for the purpose of transferring money.
Making payments to loan accounts
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
Details on how to make payments to both consumer and commercial loan accounts.
Enabling Business Users for Wires
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
Learn how to enable Business Users for Wires.
Digital Banking glossary of terms - Business & corporate
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
If you're getting to know the Digital Banking platform, you'll need to start out by understanding these key terms.
Standard mobile banking security controls for business clients
Resource Library Category (Account Security)
For business accounts, we have established the following standard Mobile Banking security controls.
Using soft tokens with digital banking
Resource Library Category (Digital Banking)
Get an overview of when you'll need a token to approve Corporate Payments and how to download and link the Symantec Soft Token app.