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Corporate user management

This article only applies to the Corporate Edition of Digital Banking.

Managing Existing Online Users

  1. Select ‘User Administration’ and then select ‘Manage Users’.​
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to the user you wish to edit.
  3. One of three update actions may be made to an existing user:
    1. Select ‘Deactivate User’ to disallow a user from logging in without completely deleting the user.
    2. Select the ‘User Role’ drop down menu to update the ‘User Role’ for a user. Click ‘Update Role’ upon completion.
    3. Select the ‘Delete’ button to permanently delete the online user. This action cannot be undone.


  • The User Role update will go into effect upon the user’s subsequent logon after the change has been made.
  • Company Admin may be prompted for addition authentication to save update.

Creating New Online Users

  1. Click the ‘Add User’ button.
  2. Complete all required fields which are designated with a red asterisk.
  3. Click the ‘Save’ button when done.
NOTE: Reference the User Roles setup guide for assistance with setting up a ‘User Role’.