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Business user management


The following steps will guide you through the setup of new user, details and assign rights.

  1. Adding a new user

    Add user:

    • From the left menu bar select Administration and then Manage Users.
    • Click the Add User button located on the top right side of the screen.
Selecting Manage Users and then Add User
  1. User details

    In this section, the user’s details and contact information are entered, along with their designated logon credentials.

    Personal Details:

    • First and Last Name*
    • Email Address*
    • Phone Country**
    • Phone Number *

    Login Details:

    • Username*
    • Password & Confirmation Password*

    Click the Save button located on the bottom right hand New User Details.
    new user add screen

    Note: User will be prompted to change the password during their initial login session.

    Additional Authentication Required:

    A secure access code is required to authorize this transaction. Please select your delivery method to receive your secure access code.

    • Enter your Secure Access Code and Verify.
    • Save user
    • The User has been saved

    *Required fields

    **US Carrier phone number is required for Business Bill Pay enrollments

  2. Assign rights

    In this section the rights to transactions, features, accounts and limits are assigned; as applicable to each user.

    Click on each transaction type listed to configure the user’s entitlements and limits.

    • Bill Payment
    • Check Reorder
    • Domestic Wire
    • Funds Transfer
    • International Wire
    • Stop Payment

      Bill Payment

      Access to Bill Pay screen once Business Bill Pay enrollment request is successfully submitted and users are enabled via Business Bill Pay Administration screen.

      Check Reorder

      Access to submit a check re-order request. Contact the Concierge Desk at 888-322-2120 for an initial check order.

      Domestic Wire

      Access to Domestic Wires, including options to draft, approve and cancel wires. 

      Funds Transfers

      Access to submit internal transfer requests between enabled accounts. Account must have deposit and withdraw access (see Account Right below).

      International Wire

      Access to International Wires, including options to draft, approve and cancel wires.

      Stop Payment

      Access to submit stop payment requests via Digital Banking.

      Click on the icon next to View rights option to establish the necessary view rights digital banking originated transactions posted on the Digital Banking Activity Center screen.

      • All (can view all transaction created by all digital banking company users)
      • Account (can only view transactions for accounts user has access to view)
      • Own (can only view own transactions)
      • None (cannot view any transactions)
      transaction screen with view rights

      On the Rights tab select the designated Operational options.

      • Draft Restricted (user can only initiate wires using templates)
      • Draft (Schedule transaction for approval to process)
      • Approve (Approve transactions scheduled by other users)
      • Cancel (Cancel transactions)

      Transaction is enabled by toggling the on/off check marks in the upper right corner.
      user rights options


      Enter the user’s transaction dollar and count limits. The Per Transaction limit is noted on the designated transaction type.
      Approval limits section


      Select on the appropriate features the user may have access to. After making selections, click Save.
      Business Administration features
      Feature Descriptions:‚Äč
      Feature descriptions


      To designate the user’s Account Rights.

      • Circle forward slash symbol: Access is disabled, but can be enabled
      • Check mark symbol: Access is enabled

      Select Show/Hide unassigned accounts to make additional selections (if applicable). Select the Save button to record the setup.

      accounts assignment screen