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Admin guide for Business Edition


An overview of administrator capabilities and responsibilities

Notice to Company Administrators: please remember that the security of your online enrollment and that of all of your user accounts is your responsibility as indicated in the Business Banking - Terms & Conditions located at Online Banking Terms of Use. If you have questions about these responsibilities or how the administrative functions work, please contact the Concierge Desk at (888) 322-2120.

Welcome to our new company administrators

We're excited to have you on board our Digital Banking platform and want to ensure that you make the most of the features available to you and your team. As an administrator, you are the primary source of information for your company's employees when it comes to Digital Banking functionality and configuration, but our Cash Management Team is your resource as you begin your Digital Banking experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the Concierge Desk by calling (888) 322-2120 from 8am - 8pm ET. We look forward to a successful relationship.

- The Digital Banking & Cash Management Team

Getting started

If you aren't familiar with all of the functionality available to you through our Digital Banking platform, take a few minutes to review the video overviews located on our Digital Banking homepage. Here you can learn about our suite of payment options, entitlement controls, reporting and see a detailed feature list. If you have questions about available features or functionality, please contact your Relationship Manager or Cash Management Advisor.


Each new Corporate Edition enrollee is offered onboarding training and consulting to ensure that their Digital Banking enrollment is configured according to their specific business use case and that the contracted functionality is working as expected. To schedule a training session, please contact our Concierge Desk and ask for the Cash Management team.

Your administrator journey

Use the menus below to explore the next steps in your journey as a new Company Admin within the Digital Banking platform. While the steps are in a suggested order, you can explore them in the way that best suits your needs, however we recommend that you start with these two overviews that will give you a broad sense for how the platform is structured:

One of your first tasks will be to add your users. In Business Edition, entitlements are managed separately for each user (Corporate Edition features User Roles where multiple users share the same entitlements). When you add your users, you will need to consider the role that they will serve within your finance team's organization. This will determine which accounts they will need to access as well as which features they should be entitled to.

Once added, the user will be able to manage their own settings while you will only be able to manage whether that user is enabled/disabled and which User Role they are assigned to.

Users that will Approve Payments will require a Symantec Token to do so. We offer virtual soft tokes via the Symantec VIP mobile application available for iOS and Android. You will want to instruct your users who will act as approvers to download this application and call to have their Credential ID linked to their username.

Key Resources to Review (Videos Available):

If your company has also opted to add the Business Bill Pay feature, you (or another designated "Level 1" Bill Pay Administrator) will need to follow the steps to enroll in the Business Bill Pay service and entitle other users to access the service.

If you plan to pay Bills from multiple entities with different names and addresses, be sure to review your options in the Paying Bills from Multiple Entities article.

Key Resources to Review: